The Running Lines

In 2017 Graham will start a new project using and reforming environmental sounds with prepared piano.  He will undertake various journeys by running pre-determined routes.  These may be based on an A to B approach, or through the shape of route, or based on other prescribed parameters.  Sounds that are encountered on these routes will be recorded during the runs and then fixed within new work.

Sweden Tour a

'There is a certain freedom that I find when I'm running.  Even when it is hard, I feel my body loosen and gain a heightened awareness of the landscape or cityscape.  I am simply passing through, the place remains after I'm gone, and my personal experience of it is fleeting.  For me it exists and then it no longer exists.  It is a simple metaphor for life if you like, passing through, making a small mark in some form, perhaps changing something before moving on and leaving that environment.

Composing for me is often about noticing things.  Whether they are coincidences, mistakes, random events or deliberate choices, I find being aware of these things a large part of the compositional process.   By immersing myself in an environment with the context of physical journey I hope to be aware of those transient events which can shape an audible portrait of a running line and then re-arrange them into an equally transient piece of music.    I find the idea of permanence versus transience very alluring, and it chimes with the sense of my own mortality.   At some point I will not be here, and then 'here' will not exist for me.   A piece of music has the same ephemeral quality, existing while it is heard and then leaving without trace.'