Where can I get the Geography Player from and how do I install it?

As a Progressive Web App, the Geography Player runs in any modern browser. The first time you visit the Player, some browsers will prompt you to install the app as an icon on your device’s home screen so it can be used like any other native app, including full-screen visualisation and off-line capabilities. Currently, recommended browsers are Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS, both providing a nearly identical experience. Firefox or Edge should also operate without issues.

The app has not downloaded to my home screen, how do I install this?

On iOS on Safari, hit the sharing/options button as highlighted here:

And then scroll down to the ‘Add to Home screen’ button, like so:

Android prompts automatically as so:



Is an internet connection required to experience Geography?

An internet connection is required to fetch a project’s data from the Geography servers before it can be experienced by a user. However, once a project is loaded in the Geography Player, it is possible to download all the project’s data—including audio files and relevant map tiles—to the browser’s Cache Storage so it can later be experienced without an internet connection. Even if a cellular internet connection is available, you might still want to pre-download your project while on WIFI to avoid data charges and reduce loading times.

How do I share a Saved Geography journey?

The easiest way to share a project is to use the “Share” button located my saved journeys in the Geography Player. This method generates a unique URL for the project that can be sent via text, WhatsApp, email or social media.

When I open Geography, my current location is not being displayed on the map. What can I do?

When you first open the Geography Player app you should see a pop-up window asking for permission to use your precise location. Once you accept and a GPS fix is obtained, your location should be displayed on the map as a small blue circle. If that is not the case, please make sure GPS and Location Services are enabled and your browser has permission to use this service. On some operating systems (e.g. iOS) permissions are now granted on a “per app” basis instead of being a global setting. Please check our Technical Help for further information.

If you are not on location, you will receive a notice to activate remote listening. You can move the human icon around the map to experience the project remotely.