Technical Help

The app needs to be active for GPS to track your position and play sounds, it contains a Wake Lock API that prevents the screen from turning off during the walk but you will need to not manually lock your phone. It might also be helpful to set the Auto-Lock option in iOS settings to ‘never’ :

  • Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock > Never

Troubleshooting GPS Issues


1. Please make sure – A. that you have Location Services switched on, B. that your browser (i.e.Safari or an alternative you are using) is allowed to use them (Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services), and C. that “Precise Location” is also switched on.  These steps are shown in the accompanying image.

2. Please make sure that Safari ‘Allows’ your device to access location on all websites or ‘Asks’ for permission (Go to Settings > Safari > Location). Select either ‘Ask’ or ‘Allow’.  These steps are shown in the accompanying image.

3. If you are still experiencing difficulties, then try resetting ‘Location and Privacy’ in the General menu section (Go to Settings > General > Reset)



If you have an Android device that uses stock Android you can manage Location Accuracy by visiting Android Help Centre for instructions.

If you are using an Android/MIUI device (e.g. Xiaomi):

  • 1. Please go to “Settings > Location” and then enable “Location Access”.
  • 2. If you prefer that your device doesn’t use Wi-Fi or mobile networks to provide additional location data please disable “Google Location Accuracy” so only GPS is used, although we generally recommend to leave this option on.
  • 3. Check that your browser app (e.g. Chrome) can access your device’s location (Location > App permission > Chrome > “Allow only while using the app”).