Solo Clarinet, Percussion and String Orchestra (1997)
15 mins

Questioning, justifying and re-questioning seem to me to be part of our daily lives in this country. Gone are the days when blind faith seemed to give us easy answers. The questioning of war efforts might result in conscientious objection, or the treatment of animals in a decision to not eat meat. It may be the questioning of those in authority whose words in the past have been treated as absolute truth, or doubting the latest medical opinion which reliably informs us that consuming vast quantities of cream and alcohol might help prevent a disease which we had not realised existed.
A belief which needs no justification appears to me increasingly rare and even when the desire for tangible answers is met, natural fence-sitters like myself flounder in a mist of increasing uncertainty as to their truth.

AGNOSTIC was commissioned by the Vale of Glamorgan Festival in 1997 for David Campbell and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.


Please note this is for the Solo part and Full orchestral score (for hire of all orchestral parts for performance please contact Ricordi Music Publishers)