Ensemble (1999)
7 mins

In the early 90s I watched too many Australian soaps on tv. In particular the Neighbours storyline involved a slightly sordid and some would say unnecessary flirtation between Rosemary and some man with a beard whose name escapes me. I was watching the lunchtime slot wondering (again) when and if their tortuous relationship was ever to be consummated when Rosemary knocked at the bedroom door of a dreary hotel, hiding a surprise bottle of champagne behind her back. The man with beard opened the door, realised she had something for him and in a deeply lugubrious baritone, accompanied by overly gestural eyebrows and a smirk straight out of Twin Peaks, said – ‘I hope it’s something we can use in … bed’ – pausing for quite enormous dramatic effect at the appropriate point. I remember thinking – daytime telly, you can’t knock it – and went off to pay the licence fee.