H1 – 6

Solo Piano (1998)
12 mins

H1-6 comprise the first set of six pieces from The Piano Book, a series of works looking at individual notes from different perspectives. Each piece is designed around its own tonal centre which then remains a focal point for the entire piece. The manner in which these pitches are emphasised varies from piece to piece. H2 for instance uses middle C as a constant repeating pulse throughout, however this pulse is not in fact the primary ‘beat’ of the piece but is a dotted crotchet working in conjunction with the implied crotchet beat. H3 on the other hand uses its pitch E in a less rigorous way as a central note from which chords fan out simultaneously to treble and bass implying a certain symmetry around the tonal centre. These pieces are not intended to be complex ruminations containing extended motivic development. I wanted them to be clear, tolerably concise and occasionally intimate pieces using small amounts of material composed within certain limiting parameters.