Intimate Curve

for orchestra (2015)
25 mins

Intimate Curve was commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and composed between September 2014 and February 2015.
I was asked to write a ‘concerto for orchestra’ and the new piece focuses on various solo instruments, instrumental groups and sections of the orchestra whilst gradually piecing them together into one large mass. It also gently probes the idea of sensory change over time and in particular the nature of arousal. The interaction of so many different sensations both conscious and unconscious, the internal conflicts of control versus abandon, promise yet restraint. And the physical changes, the emotional loading, the perceptions of smell, sound and touch, each one feeding off the other in a state of heightened awareness.
This is the first work that I have written for the full orchestra in Liverpool since I was composer-in-residence here during the mid-nineties and I am very pleased to write again for the RLPO.