Orchestra (1999)
18 mins

NORTH was commissioned by the Northern Orchestral Consortium and Yorkshire Promoters? Group in 1998 and has received performances by the RLPO, ENP, BBC Philharmonic and Halle orchestras.
Much of my music is composed in conjunction with a desire for clarity and rigour. I like clear shapes, abstract structures and immediacy. So, if a piece starts loud and fast then I have a fondness in seeing it through to a loud and fast conclusion with little mucking about. Likewise with slow or sustained music.
This one’s different. I find it tricky to describe but I wanted to explore different worlds within the same piece. I wanted the music to hit the listener from different perspectives, not always straight on but occasionally in a sly manner from the side. I wanted to blur the edges and allow a certain amount of musical nestling.
Personally I see this as something of a voyeurs? piece. I get the feeling of spying on different musical worlds, from a distance as if through glass, trying to experience and be part of something which remains out of reach. Whether these aural worlds seem life affirming or empty is almost immaterial for ultimately one is left alone on the outside.