GEOGRAPHY is a musical map in which urban cityscapes are explored through sound and music. You and the city become entwined in an immersive interactive experience.

Download, plug in and take a sonic tour where streets and places become part of a captivating journey.

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In a world first, a flexible pulsating score adapts to the directions you take. Enjoy a heightened experience of the city as GEOGRAPHY puts you in control, unfolding rich layers of sound and music tailored to your route. We are proud to present GEOGRAPHY Truro covering hundreds of streets of Cornwall’s Capital. 

Journeys can be recorded for later listening and sharing.  Audio description is available to assist the visually impaired. Driven by you, GEOGRAPHY draws on the historic, geographical and architectural landscape of Truro, adding in unforgettable immersive sonic journeys to create a bold new experience.

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Creative Team
Composer, Concept and Sound Design – Graham Fitkin
Producer – Michael White
Tech Design and Development – Ignacio Pecino, Sonic Maps
Design/Visuals – Extra Strong Design
PR – Melissa Fretwell & Firgas Esack, White Camino
Produced in Association with Hall for Cornwall

With thanks to the following for their contributions:
Steve Beech
Julie Caplin-Grey
Kirsty Cotton
David Dodds
Jago Hannon
Kim Healey
Freddie Hodkin
John Jones
Tonia Lu
Bethany Lyne
Lee Nutbean
Milla Stanford-Ausenda
Pete Stollery
Jodi Strick at iSight Cornwall
Matthew Thomason
Helen Tiplady

Clarinets/Bass Clarinet – Nick Moss
Soprano Saxophone – Simon Haram
Trumpet – Noel Langley
Horn – Jacqueline Kershaw
Percussion – Aidy Spillett
Harp – Ruth Wall
Cello – Louisa Tuck
Moogs/Audio – Graham Fitkin
Engineering/Mastering – Tim Oliver

Information Points and Audio Description
Information Points voiced by – Samuel West
Audio Description voiced by – Nell Williams
Audio Description written by – Karen Burden and Maryse Jeffery
Poem – Callum Mitchell
Cameras – Three Deep

Composer Note
GEOGRAPHY is a multi-stranded locative project designed to explore music and place in a symbiotic way. It will allow listeners, using smart devices and headphones, to decide and undertake journeys through a cityscape led by location-specific music.

The music is designed so that whatever pathway is taken through a city, a homogenous composition unfolds. Flexibility is built into the the music so that it functions regardless of listeners’ choices or speed of journey. Each listener as a result creates their own personal ‘mix’ of the piece. Environmental and site-specific field recordings are also part of the work, so the music might point out relationships between areas, or the role that a street has within the city.

There are hours of music involved in the project, journeys of whatever duration can be recorded, shared with other users and even listened to at home outside Truro.

Geography is produced by Michael White and presented in association with Hall for Cornwall. The technology development and hosting is managed by Ignacio Rodriguez, Sonic Maps. We are grateful for financial support from the Arts Council of England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund.