A multi-stranded location sensitive project that is designed to explore music and place in a symbiotic way.  Geography will allow perambulating listeners, using smart devices and headphones, to decide and undertake journeys through a cityscape led by location-specific music.

The music is designed so that whatever pathway is taken through a city, there will be a homogenous composition unfolding.  Flexibility is built into the the music so that it functions regardless of listeners’ choices or speed of journey.  Each listener then creates their own personal ‘mix’ of the piece. Environmental and site-specific field recordings are also part of the work, so the music might point out relationships between areas, or gently remind you of the role an area has within the city.

Geography is being produced by Michael White, and partnered by Cornwall Playhouse.  We are grateful for finical support from the Arts Council of England.

This project will be launched in Truro in spring  2022.