Flax – Vox

Vox’s record rating system demands that ten out of ten be considered perfect.   Well, nothing is ever perfect so this gets nine – and some.   Graham Fitkin has to be one of the most promising composers I have heard to date.   His collection on this disc is entirely for piano, sometimes four pianos are used and the resulting eight hands provide a wonderful tapestry of colourful rhythms.    Fitkin scores in a highly skilful manner, occasionally adopting classical themes yet retaining a highly modern overall feel to the music.   It is exciting music too, quickly attracting one’s attention and managing to hold it throughout.   There are some quite outstanding solo pieces played by Fitkin himself with immense attention to detail and time domain. I refuse to predict anything that I may have cause to regret but I will simply suggest that if Graham Fitkin continues to develop his composing for the piano in the direction indicated by his recording then watch out for him.   On this showing at least, he is obviously beguiling as both a pianist and composer.   As for the disc – almost perfect.